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Oud Amber is a recognized name in the field of whole sale & retail for OUD (Agar wood / Gaharu), Dehn Oud & natural based non alcoholic oriental PERFUMES with its exclusive qualities.


Oud Miracle

OudMiracle, is the only registered trade mark BRAND for Oud, the natural miracle fragrance of the natural forest.


Eau De Perfume

Our custom made perfume sprays are made with percentage of perfumes of eau de parfum category to make sure of reasonably sustainable result.


Base Perfumes

Our special blends of long lasting basic perfumes (non-alcoholic), fully concentrated made for sustainable fragrance result.


Mabsoos or Bakhoor

Natural Oud blended incense. Known as; Oud Muatter, Mabsoos, Bakhoor, Dukhun, Ma'amul etc.

Amazing Fragrances That Make It Unique!

Explore the real oud experience!

Oud Amber provides premium oud products with mild & soft natural essence.

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Unveil The Enigma of True Oud Essence

Premium variety of oud and perfumes

Our perfumes are originated from France, Switzerland, Holland, Spain, Dubai UAE, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia & Malaysia.

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